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Bridging New Technology to the Traditional Payroll Model

Firm Connect bridges new technology to the traditional payroll model. Emphasizing this new technology, we create new sales and payment strategies for the independent payroll service companies. Adding our rich history within the payroll service world, Firm Connect is committed to changing the relationship between payroll companies and their number one service provider – their bank.

With our managed payment solutions, payroll companies become more secure, and therefore, more attractive to community banking relationships throughout the country. We help eliminate fraud and risk while streamlining payroll operations, creating new efficiencies and new revenue. Enhanced relationships between payroll and banking is our number one goal. The result of this goal is more service to the small and medium business market while changing the value of payroll services in the domestic marketplace.

How this is accomplished:

  • Financial Institution Pairing
  • Pre-Hire SAS Applications
  • New Revenue Modeling
  • Tax Credit Training and Automation
  • Efficiency Consulting