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Leveraging Technology Integration and Communication

At Firm Connect, we believe that tools can always be made better. Most Enterprise Resource Planning Systems perform industry functions best. At Firm Connect, we team up with leading industry platforms to make them even better. Just as in Payroll and Banking, we bring our 20 years of experience to connecting the tools you need to enhance ERP platforms for people and payments. Understanding cash flow, helping manage workflow capacity, and technology deployment is on the short list of what we do best.

Firm Connect consults with ERP software companies to bridge best in class technology. Differentiation is key. We pair software as service solutions and industry knowledge to bring new revenue to established industry leaders.

How this is accomplished:

  • Bridging New Technology to Existing ERP Platforms
  • Receivable and Payable Automation
  • Creating New Sustainable and Residual Revenue Streams
  • Providing New Insights to the Power of Data